Sustainable Solutions & Green Infrastructure

At GroundTec we're committed to making the earth a better place to live by doing our part as responsible inhabitants of the planet. We are focused on reducing the impact of waste and pollution by being a leading force in storm water management and green infrastructure.

Each year, billions of gallons of runoff laden with trash, nutrients, metals, and other pollutants flow into waterways. Storm water runoff is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution across the country and it can overwhelm wastewater systems and overflow sewers.

On a small scale, building rain gardens and eliminating impermeable surfaces is something that just about anyone can do. A rain garden helps decrease storm water runoff while also increasing biodiversity by creating a natural habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife. These systems also treat storm water by capturing sediment, hydrocarbons, metals, and nutrients. Replacing a concrete patio that drains surface water into the sewer system with a permeable patio not only helps to reduce the amount of sewage that washes into our waterways, it recharges and purifies the water table. 

We encourage you to do your part and learn more about the ways you can have a positive impact on this planet we call home. Click the link below to find out how GroundTec and the City of Philadelphia Water Department offer incentive programs and grants for residents and businesses pursuing sustainable solutions.