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Our Process 

What to expect

The designing and construction of your project will follow a defined step-by-step process that has been developed based on years of experience and feedback from many satisfied customers. We want you to be completely comfortable and informed at every point in the process. To that end, we have broken down the steps of our process, taking you from the consultation to the finished project. If you have any questions of how this will relate to your specific project, please ask us! We’re here to help…

1. The First Meeting:  When you contact GroundTec, we'll gather some information and get a general idea of the nature of the project. If you're interested, we'll schedule a design consultation with one of our landscape designers. It's best for all decision making parties to be present at the fist meeting; this way everyone's on the same page and all thoughts can be presented and noted before the design process begins. 


2. Creating the Plan:  After the first meeting we'll begin to develop a base map of the property. We take all the things discussed at the initial meeting into consideration and we encourage you to send us inspirational photos or any design related items that appeal to you.  

Transforming your vision into a workable plan requires time, research, and creativity. Often times your municipality needs to be contacted to inquire about specific guidelines for your property. As a result, we do have fees associated with our design process. These fees are usually very small in comparison to the total cost of your future project.

These plans are an extremely worthwhile investment that:

  • Eliminate the unknown and minimize unpleasant surprises

  • Allow us to stay on budget

  • Allow us to estimate accurate material quantities

  • Gives you a realistic concept of the final product

3. Reviewing the Plan, Revisions and Budget Analysis:  After reviewing the initial plan and proposal, many times revisions are necessary, often times due to personal preference or budgetary reasons. Plant or building materials can be substituted or architectural modifications made to the plan. Once the final plan is decided on and materials have been selected, we will schedule a meeting to put the next steps of your project in motion. Your payment schedule will be agreed on and spelled out clearly. At the time of the deposit and contract signing your project will be placed on our production schedule.   

4. Let's Build Your Dream: When it's time to break ground on your project, we will hold a pre-construction meeting with the crew foreman and project manager on site prior to getting started. If you have any questions throughout the building process, feel free to ask your project manager or designer. It's normal to feel anxious and have a sense of uncertainty during the process. Your home and property are transforming and changing and the reality of having to live with a construction site on your property can take it's toll. We do our best to keep your property as neat and clean as possible during the project's duration. 

5. Time to Enjoy Your Investment:  After the finishing touches are put on your new space, we will do a walk-through, making sure you understand how to use the features and elements of the space and will explain any maintenance required for the project. Any areas of concern or final adjustments will be made promptly. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your new outdoor living space! 

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